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8 Signs of a Safe, Healthy Relationship

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There are all kinds of relationships – family, friends, co-workers, romances, long-term, short-term, and everything in between. No matter the type, it is important to make sure the relationship is safe, healthy and makes you feel good inside and out. Sometimes, unhealthy relationships can lead to emotional and/or physical abuse. Here are 8 general signs to help determine the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship:

Trust and Support

Healthy relationships are built on trust and support. It is important that those in a relationship are okay with having outside friends and interactions, as well as are supportive and offer encouragement often.

Open Communication

It is important to be able to express your feelings; it is okay to respectfully disagree.


Respect in a healthy relationship is listening to each other and valuing what the other person has to say.

Honesty and Responsibility

Honest and responsibility in a healthy relationship is admitting when you’re wrong, not making excuses for anyone’s actions, and keeping promises or commitments.

Shared Responsibility

In a healthy relationship, shared responsibility is making decisions together and having equal give and take.

Physical Affection

Physical affection in healthy relationships means asking before acting and respecting each other’s right to say no.


In healthy relationships, intimacy is respecting boundaries and privacy, as well as not pressuring and not being pressured.

Fairness and Negotiation

Fairness and negotiation in a healthy relationship is coming to an agreement that is okay for everyone, even if you just agree to disagree

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