About the Coalition

Our Committees


The Advocacy Committee’s focus is to create awareness of the myriad of issues facing our most vulnerable communities, and to seek partnerships to find solutions to the concerns. Activities and events of the committee includes participating in the Justice Parade, creating awareness publications targeting youth violence prevention and other pressing issues, and sponsoring community forums and training opportunities to educate our community.

Education and Wellness

The Education and Wellness Committee’s focus is to promote healthy decision making through education and wellness. We target the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social components for wellness. We focus on violence prevention, mental health, and substance abuse activities and outreach to equip Richmond residents with information and skills to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Youth Engagement

The Youth Engagement Committee works in partnership with various partners to develop programs and resources for Richmond’s youth and young adult populations. The Committee’s goals are to:

  • Engage youth in their communities;
  • Help youth and young adults identify their communities' needs;
  • Work collaboratively with youth and young adults to seek solutions.

Communications & Media

The Communication and Marketing Committee is responsible for marketing FOPC activities and events with social media and other mediums. The Committee advises on media blitz and campaign launches, target populations (age/location), communicate change (clear and understandable for target group), universal scripts and language, information dissemination via platforms. The Communication and Media Committee is also responsible for the development of the annual Communications Plan.


The Evaluation Committee is responsible for assisting the FOPC evaluate activities and events. The Committee’s activities include identifying tangible goals, drafting clear objective, developing surveys, attendance sheets, polls, process observations, timelines, and information dissemination.

For more information about the coalition, please contact FOPC Coordinator BJ Northington Winston at betty.winston@rbha.org

Our 2019-2020 Strategies

Capacity Building

Providing assistance to build capacity in the community and among service providers supports in developing and implementing a comprehensive community plan.Capacity building aids the community on all levels to be that catalyst of change.

Round Table Discussion

Round table discussion is an excellent strategy for public engagement. It brings together voices from every stratum of concerned citizenry. To that end, the FOPC will serve, as a conduit between organizations, other local entities and citizens. FOPC will convene round table discussions as requested.

Sponsoring Youth/Young Adult Socials

and other engagement activities to increase awareness of tobacco, underage drinking, drug use, and suicide, as well as to promote overall wellness

Development of the Quarterly “Prevention Corner”

​This will be a quarterly informational section in the various city publications, i.e. Free Press, Richmond Times Dispatch, Style, etc., that focuses on prevention efforts in alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD), etc.

Coordination of Quarterly Town Hall Meetings

Enhance and Promote Awareness

(To inform, not offend)

Development of Public Service Announcements

with various media outlets

Five Condition sof Collective Impact