PTSD and Fireworks don’t mix!

This 4th of July Please be courteous with fireworks!

National Center for PTSD experts said that post-traumatic stress symptoms vary from person to person, and that not everyone with post-traumatic stress reacts to the same triggers, or reacts in the same way. For Americans with post-traumatic stress, “it’s not the fireworks on the Fourth, that are scheduled, and people know it’s coming” that cause Read More »

8 Signs of a Safe, Healthy Relationship

Smiling family relaxing on living room sofa

There are all kinds of relationships – family, friends, co-workers, romances, long-term, short-term, and everything in between. No matter the type, it is important to make sure the relationship is safe, healthy and makes you feel good inside and out. Sometimes, unhealthy relationships can lead to emotional and/or physical abuse. Here are 8 general signs Read More »

Safe Gun Storage Tips


Research tells us locking guns reduces suicides and accidental deaths, particularly among our children. Here are some of the ways we can keep guns safely locked and stored, particularly in homes with children. Keep any gun unloaded and locked in a safe, cabinet, vault, or storage case. Lock the bullets away separately from any gun. Read More »