I need food.

  • Text “food” to 877-877 to see food distribution sites for RPS families.
  • Call 804-521-2500, ext. 631 to find your local food bank.
  • Call 1-855-635-4370 to see if you’re eligible for emergency SNAP benefits.

I’m worried I have coronavirus.

  • Call 804-205-3501 with public health questions.

  • Call an urgent care center if you have shortness of breath, fever, & dry cough.

  • If you are uninsured or homeless, call 804-783-2505 to ask about medical help.

I am a senior who needs help at home.

  • Call 804-343-3027 to see if you can do Meals on Wheels.

  • Call 804-343-3000 to sign up for check-ins.

I need shelter.

  • Call 804-972-0813 if you are homeless or
    within three days of losing your home.

I need help staying in my home.

  • Evictions will not be executed in Virginia through April 26, according to the court system. The Sheriff of Richmond is also not executing evictions that were ordered before the freeze went into effect. Therefore, you will not be evicted for not paying your rent. Your landlord cannot legally force you out of your home without an eviction. If your landlord is threatening to do so, call 1-866-LEGL-AID (1-866-534-5243) for legal help or the Eviction Helpline at 1-833-NOEVICT (1-833-663-8428).

Someone is making me feel unsafe in my home.

  • Call 911. This is an emergency, even if you
    know them well.

  • Call 804-612-6126 for the YWCA’s helpline
    for violence in the home.

I have lost some or all of my income because of the coronavirus.

  • Call 1-866-832-2363 to apply for unemployment benefits.

  • Call 804-646-6464 to get set up with a career counselor and ask about the Family Crisis Fund.

I need supplies for my baby/child.

  • Your local WIC office can order you formula.

    • Southside: 804-205-9816,

    • Health District: 804-482-5446,

    • Community Hospital: 804-786-3201

  • Call 833-782-2229 ext. 801 to ask about free diapers.